Sigoc - Equipment d.o.o.


Reineke Meß- und Regeltechnik GmbH

Bochum, Germany


Control Valves for Electric Power and Steam plants

  • Pressure reduction valves
  • Safety overflow valves
  • Steam conditioning valves
  • Flow controle valves
  • Start-up, Bypass Valves
  • HP-, IP-, LP- Turbine bypass valves
  • Boiler feed water control valves
  • Boiler blow down valves

Complete with accessories

  • Steam atomizer
  • Venturi cooler
  • Silencers
  • Spray water valves

Rotary actuators "Scotch Yoke" quarter turn, powered by gas, oil or air pressure

Electro-hydraulic power systems for actuating of control valves

Electronic pressure measuring system DESY-3

Gas measuring units for net or gross calorific value, wobbe index, density and minimum air requirements
Kontrolni ventili sa hidrauličnim cilindrom Hidraulični linearni aktuator Elektro-hidraulični aktuatorski sistem Hdraulični cilindar Elektronski sistem za merenje pritiska DESY-3